Trust Issues No More: Using OopsBusted to Confront Infidelity

3 min readFeb 3, 2024

Do you have trouble trusting your spouse or partner? Perhaps they seem distant or uninterested in you. Maybe you even suspect them of cheating on you, but you have no way to prove it.

Trust issues can certainly complicate any relationship. If a person no longer trusts their spouse because they suspect them of infidelity, it can cause enormous tension and animosity between them. In most circumstances, the alleged cheater will deny having an affair if their partner confronts them about their suspicions without evidence.

In the old days, partners had no real way of determining if their spouse was cheating on them unless they caught them in the act. But now, there are fast, convenient, and affordable tools available to catch a cheating partner.

Discover Infidelity with OopsBusted

Online dating apps are the modern way for people to cheat on their partners. Instead of meeting swingers at bars, people can now arrange intimate encounters more conveniently via a dating app. But what they do not realize is that dating apps create evidence of their infidelity without them even realizing it. That is where OopsBusted can help.

Technology specialists and experienced relationship professionals have come together to create the ultimate dating app search tool for people with cheating spouses and partners. OopsBusted is a sophisticated online search tool that utilizes the power of AI to help people discover whether their spouse or partner has an active profile on any of the three major dating apps: Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder.

It only takes some basic information about your partner to perform a search with the OopsBusted tool. Here is the information you need to enter to get started with your search:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Email Address (Optional)
  • Phone Number (Optional)
  • Date of Birth (Optional)

If you can at least provide the first four pieces of information about your partner, you can conduct a comprehensive search to see if this information matches any of the profiles created on the three dating apps. Within seconds after running the search, you will see a list of all the dating app profiles containing the same information you entered. If you suspect one of the profiles belongs to your partner, you can access the profile for a more thorough review.

Receive Regular Updates on the Partner’s Dating Profile Status

You may or may not want to confront your partner about their infidelity if you discover their profile on one or more of the three dating apps. Perhaps you will want to continuously track their dating profile status and online dating activities to see how far they will take their infidelity. After all, the more evidence you can collect, the easier it will be to prove your accusations when you eventually confront them about their infidelity.

OopsBusted makes it fast and easy to track your partner’s online dating activities after discovering their profile. If you sign up for a premium plan, you will receive regular updates and detailed reports about their dating activities that are available for download. Then, you can use these detailed reports as evidence of your partner’s infidelity when you go to confront them about it. Once you show them the evidence, they will have no choice but to confess what they have been doing behind your back.

How to Get Started

OopsBusted is very easy to use. Just visit the website, input the essential details about your partner, and click the “Start Searching” button. You will be transferred to a secure payment page where you enter your credit or debit card information to pay for the search. There are no subscriptions or long-term commitments you need to make. You only pay for each search conducted. Nothing more.

The search results page will come up instantly. It will present all the profile listings matching the search specifications you entered. If you do not find your partner’s profile, consider paying extra for the image recognition search technology to detect their photograph on a profile. OopsBusted’s image recognition search technology can discover your partner’s face on any profile picture, even if they use a fake name, age, and location in their profile.