OopsBusted: A Contemporary Tool for Unmasking Cheaters in Marriage

3 min readFeb 3, 2024

No married person wants to believe their spouse is cheating on them. Unfortunately, dating apps make it easier than ever for married people to cheat because they can take out their smartphones and search for local swingers or singles discreetly. The worst part is that cheaters do not usually disclose their actual relationship status on their dating profiles.

How is a person supposed to know if their spouse is cheating on them? Most people cannot afford to hire a private investigator to follow their spouse around and discover the truth about their infidelity. However, there is a new contemporary tool for unmasking cheaters in a marriage that does not require spending a lot of money. It is a digital tool called OopsBusted.

The New Way to Detect a Cheating Spouse

OopsBusted is a revolutionary new online search tool to help any married person determine if their spouse is using dating apps to cheat on them. The tool is programmed with advanced artificial intelligence-supported algorithms to regularly scan the most popular dating apps for a spouse’s active dating profiles. If their presence is detected, the system will display those profile listings immediately.

OopsBusted can reveal cheaters on the most widely used dating apps:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge

When a married person cheats on their spouse via a dating app, the chances are that they will be using one of these three dating apps to find an intimate partner. But their dating activities do not have to go unnoticed any longer because their spouse can discreetly use the OopsBusted service to detect cheating. The cheater will never know anything about the search until they are confronted about it by their spouse.

Accurate and Reliable Search Results

You can trust the accuracy and reliability of the OopsBusted search results because of the system’s advanced AI technology that detects and tracks dating profile activity based on the custom specifications entered.

For example, you can customize your search criteria on the OopsBusted tool by entering your spouse’s name, gender, age, and location. The more specific information about the spouse entered, the more accurate the results will be.

If the OopsBusted search tool does not find any active profiles of your spouse on the three online dating apps, it means your spouse is not actively using the apps to look for other partners. However, you can continue to use the OopsBusted tool to detect any potential cheating in the future if your spouse decides to use a dating app to cheat on you at some point later.

Image Recognition Capabilities

OopsBusted has installed a groundbreaking new image recognition feature into their tool for users wishing to conduct advanced searches. In addition to the standard search specifications, users can pay extra for an AI-based image recognition search to detect their spouse’s face on any profile pictures posted on the three dating apps.

An image recognition search is highly recommended in case your cheating spouse puts fake information on their dating profile. Most cheaters won’t post fake pictures of themselves because even swingers expect to see legitimate profile pictures when searching for partners on dating apps.

By using the image recognition option, you can see if your spouse has posted their photograph on any of the three dating apps. It is a handy search feature to use, for sure.

Pay As You Go

Users do not have to make long-term commitments or contracts. OopsBusted is a pay-as-you-go service where users pay for each search they conduct and nothing more.

Visit the OopsBusted website and enter information about your partner in the search boxes, such as their name, age, location, and gender. You will also have the option to enter the spouse’s email, phone number, and date of birth to conduct a more accurate search.

Click the “Start Searching” button and proceed to the payment page. Enter your payment information to complete the transaction. After that, the OopsBusted system will process your request within a matter of seconds and display the profiles found on the search results page. If you see your spouse’s profile, you can access it and proceed from there.