How OopsBusted Changes the Game in Catching Cheaters

3 min readFeb 3, 2024

Catching cheaters used to be a costly and timely task. Either you had to hire a private investigator to follow your partner around, or you had to do it yourself.

Of course, hiring a private investigator costs thousands of dollars per day. Who can afford that? And if you follow your partner around by yourself, you will have a higher chance of being recognized by them.

OopsBusted Has Changed the Game for Catching a Cheating Partner

Modern technology and dating apps make it easier for partners to cheat today, but they also make it easier for people to catch their cheating partners.

The best example is a new AI-based online dating app search tool called OopsBusted. It has revolutionized the way people catch their cheating partners because they can do so without spending a lot of money or leaving their bedroom.

OopsBusted is a technologically sophisticated online service where users can search for their partner’s profile on the top three dating apps, such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. If your spouse or partner has a profile on any of these three dating apps, the OopsBusted search tool can detect it quickly and accurately.

Advanced artificial intelligence-based algorithms support the functionality and accuracy of the OopsBusted search tool. The algorithms allow OopsBusted to find profile matches based on a few critical pieces of information you enter in the search boxes.

Here is a rundown of its dating app search functionality:

1) Customize Your Search Criteria

You can customize every search by entering direct information about your spouse or partner, such as their name, age, location, and gender. These are the only four required search fields you need to enter about your partner. They should be enough to detect your partner’s profile on any of the three dating apps if they used accurate information about themselves in their profiles.

If the initial search does not result in any profile matches, you can enhance your search strength by entering the email address, phone number, and date of birth of your partner. These are three optional search fields, but they might help you pinpoint the exact profile of your partner.

In many cases, a cheating partner will lie about their name, age, and location, but they are not going to lie about their email address and phone number. After all, they need a way for their intimate partners to contact them, right?

The chances are that they are not going to purchase a new phone or create a new email address for the sole purpose of cheating. So, you might have more luck entering your partner’s email address and phone number when filling out the search criteria.

2) Utilize the Power of Image Recognition Technology

OopsBusted offers an additional option to conduct searches using its innovative image recognition technology.

If you select the image recognition option, you will have the ability to upload an image of your partner into the OopsBusted system. Then, after you click the “Start Searching” button, the system will search through all the profile photos on the three dating apps to determine if one or more of them matches your partner’s face on the uploaded image.

The image recognition option is a more powerful way to search for your partner’s dating app profiles in case they provide fake personal information on them.

3) Track Their Dating Profile Status and Activities

If you find your partner’s dating profile, you can select a premium plan option to track their dating profile status and activities continuously. You can even choose to receive detailed reports about their activities so that you never miss a thing.

The best part is that your partner will never suspect that you are tracking their activities. OopsBusted maintains 100% confidentiality and discretion when using its system to conduct searches. That means the private information and images you submit will never be disclosed to any third party.


Cheaters no longer have power in the game. OopsBusted has changed the game forever to benefit the victims of cheating rather than the cheaters themselves. Now, cheaters will have no choice but to be honest with their partners or face the consequences of their actions.